Mission – Our mission is to use natures finest ingredients in a sustainable way to craft organic products that enrich, nourish, energize, and enhance the health and beauty of all. With each sip you'll join us on a path of rebirth free from craving, anger, and greed.

We Practice and Believe

The natural laws of karma and nirvana were blended to create Karvana. With this new creation comes a firm belief; to attain nirvana one must nourish the body, brain, and soul. The individual is the doer and enjoyer of their own karmas and the fruits there of. To help you enjoy the fruits of your karma we introduce Organic Karvana Kombucha Shots - Probiotic + Energy. These shots are the first of their kind and offer essential enzymes, beneficial organic acids, billions of probiotics and raw organic energy. According to many legends it has been said the ingredients of kombucha are the fountain of youth and may work in harmony to promote good digestion, nourish the body, increase immunity and create sustained energy.